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The Practical Christian Life

Jacob Ninan

'The Practical Christian Life' is a book for the serious seeker after the truth -- about the life Jesus came and died to give us. How can we actually receive this life in a practical sense? What are the answers to some of the common questions we have at different stages? How can we avoid the usual pitfalls? How can we discern wrong teaching? This is a sincere attempt to meet these needs and more based on sound theology that comes from a study of the Bible as a whole. Please read it as a book, from the beginning, and not as stand-alone articles.

It is not complete yet, but I want you to get to it as much as is available. I hope to add the new chapters whenever they become available. Finally I hope to make the whole book available for download as a PDF document also. If you would wish to write to me with comments or questions, please use this form.

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